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I have chosen 3 characteristics of being a good leader and they are self control , compassion, and integrity. In my essay, I will give both Bible example and current example to prove bible leadership is essential and relevance to today’s leadership concept. In my introductive paragraph, I will give the definition of leadership and state the differences between the bible society and current society. I think this can point out how the back gourd differences can affect the application of the leadership concept. Then, in my first body paragraph, which is talking about self-control. I will give two story examples , fist oneis Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit,second one is cain kills abel, these two story tell us how human being behave without self-control. I think self-control is important nowadays because Exceptional leaders will stay claim during a crisis. I will give an example that a leader making major changes while others are not supporting him. And show how his self-control can gain trust form his team. In the second body paragraph, I will talk about compassion. Compassion is one of the characteristics that stand out the most in Hebrew Bible. I will firstly give the definition of the word compassion. I will give the story of moses as a bible example. Moses’ leadership expressed the compassion of God. I think compassion is important to today’s leadership because compassion will make people believe in you. I will Take Howard Schulz, the chairman and CEO of Starbucks, as an example. he made a compassionate decision, and that dicision had a direct impact on his company’s long-term success. In the third body paragraph, I will talk about integrity. I will talk about joseph’s storye because I think joseph is the most outstanding one in bible who shows the integrity. He never change his integrity mind even Pharaoh’s wife tempted him a few times.

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