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Student: Edona Neziri Essential Characteristics of an Effective Leader Living in a world with a lot of challenges means that you are always being in some situations where the power, love, honesty and integrity are in some cases needed. Leaders are the ones that we are affected by their experiences and their “rules” that they provide for us in general. Being a good leader is not easy. You need the respect from others which should only be gained from a lot of respect given from you first. Leader means an important person with a great impact on people who he pretends to lead. You words will be worth and meaningful most of the times. “To do great things is difficult; but to command great things is more difficult (Nietzsche, par 5)”. In one word, the most important characteristics of a leader are honesty and “power”. One of the most important characteristic of a leader is honesty. Leaders are most of the times in the positions where the leading is needed in order to achieve something. Organizing or creating something important most of the times need the support from others. That support is mostly owned by being honest, fair and respectful at maximum. If people see that you are not even thinking for any manipulation that means you will always have a better advantage in the position of the leader. Authority of a good leader can be lost if people see your disrespect, and manipulation steps that are in the leader’s interest. Leader is can mostly be annoyed if there is a doubt for any corruption or other crazy dishonest thing. Another important characteristic that good leaders need is “power”. This does not mean to have the power to kill, fight, or underestimate people! “Power” means, when your words make changes that are supported by others and those changes are in the great interest of the audience. Leader’s words make a lot of changes, only if the

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