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LEADERS WITHOUT TITLES The new rules of remarkable leadership 1) You are paid not just to work; you are paid to be scared of no growth. You cannot be always comfortable and you need to take risks. Greatest risk is not taking risks. 2) The old model of leadership is obsolete. Now anyone can show leadership. You have to be the CEO of your job irrespective of what your job is. You need to take full responsibility for the process. 3) Shift from command and control to connect and create. To keep your top talent is important. You have to appreciate, recognize, build a sense to belongingness, sense of meaning in the lives, career’s of your employees. 4) Your No : 1 competitive advantage is growing leaders at all levels faster than your competitors. * Develop / Coach / Train employees. 5) Leadership is about 3 things: * Inspiration * Influence * Impact (get the job done) Seven devotions of leaders without title 1) Be so good at what you do so that we can not take our eyes off you. Be so good at what you do, in everything that you do. 2) Stop making excuses and deliver results with speed. 3) Conquer the addiction to distraction. Every time we get distracted, we take 25minutes to come back to the same level we were on before. Focus and concentrate on what you do 4) Leave people better than you found them and inspire unimaginable work. Hiring and developing people are your priority. You have to make other people feel big. 5) Avoid the seduction of success via duly Chutzpa. (risk taking) * Falls 7 times and get up 8 times (Japanese philosophy) 6) If you are not uncomfortable, you are not making much progress. 7) Remember that monuments does get erected / constructed to honor critics. Think, how does it feel to do business with you? “The goal is not to live

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