Lead Teacher Essay

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I am a teacher that creates a safe, comfortable, and fun learning environment for children. I believe that I demonstrate patience and understanding while managing difficult children. I have good communication and organizational skills. I have the ability to multitask and work effectively with others. I am curious, passionate, and interested about children’s interests and feelings. I believe a good teacher makes a positive difference on the future of children. I enjoy working with families and giving ideas on how to reinforce classroom skills at home. I am confident that I possess these skills and will contribute to my success as an employee at your school. I enjoy working with children. I have a heart for children and I believe working and being in the very presence of children is what I have been called to do. I view it as an enjoyment and pleasure. I could not see myself working in any other profession. I care about children- their strengths, weaknesses, learning habits, and abilities. I take pleasure in seeing children reach and accomplish their educational goal and it makes me feel good as an educator when I partake in such great accomplishment. I believe all children can learn in a learning environment that is stimulating, comforting, and appropriate to children’s abilities. Every student should be given the opportunity to experience meaningful, interesting learning that applies to his/her life. I believe this can be accomplished through the use of hands-on/minds-on activities, cooperative learning, and integrated curriculum, and, when possible, technology and the
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