Lead and Manage a Team Essay

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Lead and manage a team within health and social care setting Learning outcome one – Understand the features of effective team performance. Activity 1 Examine Syer and Connolly and Bruce Tuckmans theory of team development and compare the two Syer and Connolly believe that effective team development requires certain aspects to be in place in order for the development to happen, they write that there are two elements to team development, maintenance and task roles. In order for the team to develop they need to have task roles such as analysis, decision making, planning and design, maintenance roles are areas such as being concerned about people’s feelings and relationship between team members, continually working towards cohesion within the team and preventing negative conflict within the team, they also believe that task and maintenance roles are interconnected and both are required for the success of teams. ( Syer and Connolly 1996) Bruce Tuckmans theory related to how teams build from the start of their journey together and some of the transitions they go through when building the team dynamic, Tuckman describes these thus: Forming – when a team are trying to develop their roles and responsibilities are unclear, the team members do not want conflict and therefore tend to not make any decisions for fear of upsetting one another, they simply want to gather information about each other before making any commitment to taking on responsibility, this often happened when someone new joins and established team, they as individuals will be reluctant to take on any responsibility. Storming – when team members become more established and knowledgeable and want to show what they have learned, this can lead to conflict and power struggles as their skills and understanding develop and they challenge each other’s ideas. This can sometimes happen when team members are

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