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MATSUSHITA LEADERSHIP-BOOK REVIEW ABOUT THE AUTHOR John P. Kotter is The Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership at The Harvard Business School. He is a Graduate of MIT and Harvard and has been on the Business School Faculty since 1972. In 1980, at the Age of Thirty Three, he was voted tenure and a full Professorship, making him one of the youngest people in the history of the University to be so honored. Professor Kotter is the Author of the General Managers (1982),Power and Influence; Beyond Formal Authority(1985),A Force For Change; How leadership differ from management (1990)Corporate Culture and Performance (1992,with Jim Heskett), The New Rules : How to succeed in today’s post corporate world (1995), and leading changes (1996),he also created two highly acclaimed executive video’s one on leadership (1991) and one on corporate Culture (1993),as well as en educational CD- ROM on initiating change (1997).his article written over the past twenty years for the Harvard Business review have sold a million and half reprints. The many honors won by professor Kotter include an Exxon award for innovation in graduate business school curriculum design, a Johnson, Smith & Kinsey award for new perspective in business leadership, and a McKinsey award for best business review articles. Professor Kotter has taught in both MBA and Executive programs at Harvard and is a frequent speaker at top management meeting around the world. SUMMARY By many standards he didn’t look like a great leader. A picture of Konosuke Matsushita shows an unsmiling young man whose ear stick out, who is neither more than five feet five inches tall nor weighted more than 135 pounds. He didn’t excel at public speaking and in his later years grew increasingly frail. He rarely displayed speed of light intellectual

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