Le Moulin De La Galette Essay

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I chose Le Moulin de la Galette by Pierre Auguste Renoir. With the advent of photography, and the industrial revolution made a huge impact on the way paintings were made. This led to the impressionist movement. Started out as a derogatory term, after Monet was told his sunset was merely an impression, but led other artist to follow after him in his style of work that depicted scenes of parisian life. They were more interested in painting landscapes. They loved working outdoors, and painting directly from nature. They were all about light and recording how it fell on people and landscapes. Many times one would repaint the same thing at different times of the day to see how different the light fell and changed the subject and how the human eye see's different colors. Photography forced the painters to reassess the function of their work. Instead of being at odd's with each other, they actually worked together and collaborated on recording the effects of light together. As for Pierre Auguste Renoir, he was most interested in painting landscapes and architecture, his favorite subject was the human form. Just like "Le Moulin de La Galette", shows a point of view of a voyeur, he loved being a people watcher and just documenting the crowd, being in one with them. The painting is beautiful in the portrayal of the light, how it falls on the crowd, how real the painting looks. You can definitely see the link between photography and painting here, this is a perfect example of how photography influenced the impressionist movement.
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