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Les Miserables From Victor Hugo’s record breaking 1,488 page novel. To the disappointment of an adaption of what is Billie Augusts’ nineteen ninety eight film, les miserables has changed in many ways but most destructive to the beautiful story is the desecration of the characters, the time frame, and complete disregard for events that took place in the book that changes the entire outcome of the story and development of emotions for the audience to withstand. This is why the book is a much more suitable form of entertainment for an audience member rather than that joke of a movie. There are countless reasons why a person would enjoy the book more but the single most important thing to a story is the characters. To begin with victor Hugo’s amazing novel had many essential characters that were left out of the movie that were needed to develop a story line. Such as the hilarious Madame Thenardier who added a sense of disgust but humor to the story (page 488), when she would yell at poor little cosette for not doing every single little thing that is asked at her but all at the same time picking her wedgy with her husband. (who was represented.)Another very troubling loss was the rest of the Thenardier’s children victor Hugo stated that they had five children (503) but allotted in the book was only two of them neither of which were very well represented. The lack of these characters takes away from the story because of the amount of disgust they have for children almost as if they were a Miss. Hannigan type of character. But according to Imdb’s very own Tim Kearn the biggest problem with the characters in the movie was the lack of the character Eponine. “Eponine was the key character that added the sense of lost love to the story”. That feeling of loving someone you know you can’t have which is one of the biggest pains of all. And the lack of that played a

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