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Positive Influences James Bond LDR/531 April 03, 2053 Jason Bourne One of the best ways to influence employee is providing a feedback through performance appraisal. Cascio (2005) states, “Appraisal provide feedback to employees and thereby serve as vehicles for personal and career development”. If leaders can find and identify ways to motivate and satisfy the employees, then their performance will be better. It is important to understand the personal traits, such as attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values of each person, which motivate an individual to achieve higher goals and performance. Therefore, the leaders need to concentrate on making adjustments to create a pleasing work environment for employees to deliver optimized performance. Within a work environment, it is not uncommon to see diversity. As the majority of the workplace is a communal society, there are many individuals with distinct personalities who must learn to embrace the differences of their colleagues to work together in harmony. Using the Prince Hall Self Assessment by…show more content…
Also, variations among culture influence values in five value dimensions: power distance, individualism versus collectivism, masculinity versus femininity, Uncertainty avoidance, and long-term versus short-term orientation. Based on an employee’s determination of these different value dimensions, the employer may reward differently to enhance motivation and maximize job satisfaction. For example, as an employer, he or she will reward cash bonus for a short-term oriented employee versus retirement package upgrade for long-term oriented

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