Ldr/531 Perfect Position Research Paper

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RUNNING HEAD: PERFECT POSITION 1 Perfect Position Ann Hopkins LDR/531 July 18, 2011 Dr.. Maria ReGester Perfect Position 2 In life it has become clear that employees are presented with opportunities that will determine his or her leadership role. When presented with this opportunity it is a reality that has come true. An experienced dedicated employee would be apprehensive of the company’s goal, vision, mission, and the day-to-day operational process. In this paper the subject to discuss is the strengths and weaknesses, compare, and contrasted leadership theories, and personal leadership style model, and which position would be…show more content…
Transformational leadership inspires followers to transcend their self-interests for the good of the organization and plays an extraordinary effect on their followers. Characteristics of transformational leaders contingent reward promises rewards for good performance. Management by exception watches and searches for deviations from rules and standards, management by exception intervenes only if standards not met, laissez-faire avoids making decisions, idealized influence provides vision and sense of mission, inspirational motivation communicates high expectations, intellectual stimulation promotes intelligence, and individualized consideration gives personal attention. This particular leadership is not opposing approaches to getting the job done, they complement each other, even thou they are not equally important.” Transformational leader are more effective they are more creative, and they encourage their team to be creative also. Personal leadership Expanding the company gave me the opportunity to identify the type of leadership position that best suited me. According to Robbins and Judge, (2011,
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