Ldr 531 Entire Course Essay

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LDR 531 Entire Course http://www.homeworkwarehouse.com/downloads/ldr-531-entire-course/ LDR 531 Entire Course General Course Description See Course Description in the rEsource materials or module for this course. Course Objectives See Course Objectives in the rEsource materials or module for this course. The Online Weekly Schedule Electronic weeks begin on Tuesday and end on Monday. Day 1 – Tuesday Day 2 – Wednesday Day 3 – Thursday Day 4 – Friday Day 5 – Saturday Day 6 – Sunday Day 7 – Monday Where to Go to Class: Your Course Forums Main: This is the main forum for the class and is where discussion is conducted. It has read-and-write access for everyone. Chat-Room: This is a read-and-write access forum. It is designed as a place to discuss issues not related to the course content. This is the forum to which we will send our bios. Course-Materials: This is a read-only forum, which means you can read messages here but cannot send any. This is where I will post the course syllabus and materials. Learning-Team-A, B, C, D and E: These five Learning Team forums will be used as workrooms for the learning teams. You will be assigned to one of these learning teams. Individual Forum: You will see one forum with your name on it. This is a private forum, shared only by you and me, the facilitator. Your classmates won’t have access to this forum. This is where you will post some of your individual assignments, and where I will post your feedback. You can also ask questions here. However, if you have general questions about instructions of assignments, please post those in the Main forum, since other students may benefit by that exchange as well. CLASS POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Attendance Please see the attendance policies included in the first message posted in the Main forum. Participation Participation is very important online. You will be expected to
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