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“Explore How Conflict Is Created In Othello And Bend It Like Beckham” Essay

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  • on September 23, 2009
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Below is an essay on "“Explore How Conflict Is Created In Othello And Bend It Like Beckham”" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

“Explore how conflict is created in Othello and Bend it like Beckham”

Conflict is explored and created in many different ways throughout Shakespeare’s play Othello and Gurinder Chada’s film Bend it like Beckham. Both main characters Jess Bhamra and Othello experience internal and external conflict. They both have to make choices which affect themselves and people around them. Deception and cultural conflict play a major role during both texts. A range of both literary techniques such as irony used by Shakespeare and film techniques such as high and low angle shots during Bend it like Beckham help to create conflict.

Whilst the inner conflict during Othello deals with Othello questioning whether to believe Iago about his faithful wife’s “infidelity”, during the movie Bend it like Beckham, Jess undergoes internal conflict about whether to follow her dreams of becoming a football star or to pursue her families tradition and become a proper Indian woman who can cook and will marry a ‘nice’ Indian boy. A key scene which portrays this inner conflict about soccer versus family is during the scene when Jess gets her results. The scene starts off with a high angle shot of Baba G looking down onto Jessminda. This film technique emphasises the importance of culture, the authority of Baba G both as patriarch and Jess as both female and daughter. It makes Jess look small, insignificant and powerless as if she doesn’t have the strength to pursue her dream. In the next frame most of the screen is taken up by Mr and Mrs Bhamra whilst only a small portion of the frame is taken up by Jess. This film technique shows the viewers the dominance of family and culture over Jess. The music “dream the dream” is played, this symbolises that Jess is only going to ever dream about her ambition of being a soccer player. The music is played whilst Jess is learning how to cook and become a proper Indian lady. The music...

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