Ldl Week 2 Essay

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University of Phoenix Material Linux® Directory Log Directions: As you complete each of the following steps, keep track of what occurs at each point, including what you type, the output given, and if you experience any errors. Record the occurrences in the following matrix. 1. Open a terminal. Gain access to terminal from the redhat screen [student@bsit_rh62 ~]$ 2. Create a new group called mygroup. Hint: /usr/sbin/groupadd. Had many errors, but a lot of group id errors [student@bsit_rh62 sbin]$ sudo groupadd -g 001 mygroup [sudo] password for student: groupadd: GID '1' already exists [student@bsit_rh62 sbin]$ sudo groupadd -g 002 mygroup groupadd: GID '2' already exists [student@bsit_rh62 sbin]$ sudo groupadd -g 2012 mygroup 3. Create a new folder and name it your first name. I forgot to put sudo the first time, and then when I copied I reverted to my Windows knowledge [student@bsit_rh62 sbin]$ mkdir name mkdir: cannot create directory `name': Permission denied [student@bsit_rh62 sbin]$ sudo mkdir name [student@bsit_rh62 sbin]$ ^C [student@bsit_rh62 sbin]$ 4. Get a directory listing of the home folder using the long listing format. Home directory and little information [student@bsit_rh62 sbin]$ ls /home student student2 tmp [student@bsit_rh62 sbin]$ 5. Modify the permissions on your new folder to set read, write, and execute permissions for the user and group. Had some issues and then realized that I just needed to do the sudo again for this one [student@bsit_rh62 sbin]$ chmod a+rwx /home chmod: changing permissions of `/home': Operation not permitted [student@bsit_rh62 sbin]$ sudo chmod a+rwx /home [sudo] password for student: [student@bsit_rh62 sbin]$ 6. Get a directory listing of the new folder using the long listing and human readable format. (ls –lh)

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