Ld-50 Essay

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Christopher Jellison Period 2 2/2/15 The Slow Death of a Worm in Toxic Water In our experiment we added different concentrates of CuSo4 to 25 ml of water to see what dose caused the most amount of damage to worms over a 24 hour period, and intervals between. In this time we learned that the more doses we add the more deadly the experiment becomes which is called ld-50. Lastly according the graphs after .1% of CuSo4 added the worms death increased by double. If I had the opportunity to do this experiment again I would add a better animal to use in the process. Instead of worms, I would like to add fish because they could swim in the water that will have a higher dose because they could take it do to the larger size. Also because these animals are bigger we could open and dissect them to see what truly went wrong internally. I also feel that the worms were very inaccurate because some may have gotten scared or anxiety and died. Another reason for the worm deaths to be in accurate is because the smalls one could take less of the dose then the big ones so they had no chance. All in all, our experiment was not completely accurate and needed to do more of a diagnosis on the dead worms or whatever animal is used. This experiment is used all the time throughout everyones lives, because we have all put liquids in a glass with an animal to see how long it lives. This experiment helps show us what toxins could be deadly to humanity or could have an effect if we ingest them. Also this experiment could be useful for what animals in the wild ingest and what they may not, so if they are studying about the animal they will know what food causes death about toxic ingesten. In conclusion, this experiment really proved to me that a lot of something can cause damage and not being careful about what we ingest will be fatal of

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