Individuals With An Autistic Spectrum Disability

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1.1 describe the types of difficulty that individuals with an autistic spectrum condition may have with language and other ways of communicating with others The communication difficulties of autism vary from individual to individual. Some individual maybe unable to communicate verbally whilst others have an extreme vocab and are able to discuss un-depth areas of interest to them, some are able to communicate their needs and are able to express themselves whilst others need more visual methods such as pec’s or makaton. Expression of their needs can be very frustrating and they can only communicate this by shouting or screaming/challenging behaviours including self-harm. Individuals with ASD sometimes find it difficult or are unable to understand…show more content…
food/dairy * Digestive problems 2.4 outline the sensory difficulties experienced by many individuals with an autistic spectrum condition Sensory difficulties experienced by autistic individuals include hyper and hypo Sensitivity to noise: doorbells, telephones, vacuum cleaners. Either can’t cope with these sounds or liking loud noises Touch: some are unable to cope with being touched by others or clothing. This can be physically painful for the individual. 3.1 Describe behavioural characteristics associated with autistic spectrum conditions An individual with autism may show restricted, repetitive, or ritualistic behaviours, interests, and activities, for example: * may be preoccupied with a narrow range of interest (i.e. dinosaurs, astronomy, trains or roller coasters, * may insist on sameness (i.e. prefer certain clothing or eating only certain foods, * may line up their toys or objects, * may flap their hands, or make odd hand and body gestures, * may spin or like to spin objects, * may rock…show more content…
* Noise * Lighting temperature * Colours * Too many people 5.3 Describe how to reduce barriers to communication with an individual * Correct communication methods * PECs * Signing BSL or Makaton * Correct environment * Interpreters 5.4 Outline the use of visual communication systems for individuals who have an autistic spectrum condition Picture Exchange communication system (PECs) is a method which is commonly used to communicate with autistic individuals, both verbal and non verbal, as it is easier for them to process the pictures rather than words. It is also a good method of communication for non verbal individuals enabling them to communicate their needs or wishes. 5.5 Identify who could provide advice about effective communication with an individual. * Family * Friends * Support Staff * Individuals professionals i.e. doctors social workers As all of the above will have noticed or identified an effective form of communication and one that the individual

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