Lct 1 Part a Essay

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LCT 1 Task 1 LCT1, Task 1 Part A; Mapping Clues on an Author’s Subjectivity In “What should Christians do if their child gets involved in Wicca?” Matt Slick exposes his subjectivity right from the start in the title by implying a perceived conflict between Christians and Wicca. He also published the article on the Christian Apologetic & Research Ministry website which focuses on the defense of Christianity. In the second step of his process he uses a defensive tone to tell us to “Pray for binding the enemy…” (Slick, 2008) and uses words like “protection” freely emphasizing his belief that Christians are under assault from Wicca and must defend themselves. His Christian beliefs cause him to assume a conflict; resulting in a battle in which all aspects of your life will be under attack from an evil enemy. He continues on to explain a series of misfortunes, bad luck and coincidences that he attributes to the evil forces of Wicca attempting to stop him from doing research for his article. His use of the phrase; “When you start tackling the occult, get ready for a ride.” not only implies taking on a battle but that it is going to be a long and arduous one that will test your Christian resolve. He recommends a solution deep in Christian belief of what he refers to as “CPR”, “Confess (your sings), Pray (for guidance), and Read (the bible)” (Slick, 2008). The authors Christian sensitivities block his ability to see Wicca as anything other than evil that must be engaged in battle immediately. References Slick, M. (2008), What should Christians do if their child gets involved in Wicca?. Retrieved from
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