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Case summary of Brompton Bicycle. This is a case summary of an article concerning the business development of Brompton Bicycle. [try starting with a little more detail about the company and that way you'll also provide a context to the theme of the summary] Brompton Bicycle is trying to redevelop their business strategy, to compete with other bike manufacturers without losing their exclusivity. [this makes for a good topic sentence] The company expects to sell 19,000 bikes with an estimated 7million revenue and pre-tax profit of £925,000. In an ever expanding market 19,000 sales is diminutive compared to the sales of the company’s competitors, thiswhich is due to slow production methods and longer lead times [new sentence], tThis has meant that although the market has grown, the company has seen a loss in market share. [try avoid using three clauses in a row like this] New managing director Will Butler-Adams is aware of this problem, his solution is a system of double shifts and slicker systems which he hopes will increase production to 50,000 bikes a year. Brompton Bicycle has just implemented a 1 million [unit?] production overhaul and a change of management. [good – you take a main point, expand on it and provide some data. Try organising the paragraph so that the explanation comes before the data i.e. what do you mean followed by what are the specfic details] Another issue Butler-Adams faces is that the firm’s investment can still be destabilized by a competitor who is able to not only compare on quality but also price. Brompton bikes currently sell for between £550 and £1,200 in the UK, sales to Europe, the US and Asia relate to 70% of income. The pressure now is to move forward before a competitor comes along and detracts revenue from Brompton Bicycle. [you could say something more here to link it all together such as the patents expiring and the

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