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Brompton bicycles has many important strengths, which have helped the company to progress as a valued and well respected brand. Potentially, one it’s most important attributes is that its main source of income derives from Europe, US and the Far East, which stands at 70%. Another strength of Brompton bicycles, is that they have bought in a new managing director, Will Butler Adams who hopes to bring more innovative ideas to increase profit whilst still keeping an elite feel to the company. As Brompton bicycles is a debt free company and has no outstanding loans which allows them to have more money to put back into the business. Brompton Bicycles have made progress with productivity by reducing the waiting time of their products from six month to three months. This makes the product more appealing to their customers and Brompton are fulfilling order more quickly. Unlike other bike companies, Brompton bicycles have kept faith with their product design. So in 20 years it means that they are able to invest money in tooling keeping down production costs. The Brompton Bicycles Company has very strong brand value which allows the bikes prices to be high as your paying for quality and consistency. Although Brompton are more focused on making each and every bike to the highest quality, which shows devotion to the product itself. They have been less focused on sales and other areas. As well as having many strengths, Brompton bicycles also has some weaknesses. One of the main weaknesses is that the companies patients expired eight years ago, meaning that other companies are able to make similar products to Brompton bicycles but for a cheaper price, making them more appealing to a wider market. Brompton bicycles sluggish production methods mean that they are unable to keep up with the demand for the product resulting in potential clients looking elsewhere for a similar product.

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