Lazy Ass Nation Essay

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Lazy-Ass Nation Fast food, a meal for the whole family made within minutes, is one of the most common ways of eating in America these days. But do the Americans eat fast food because it’s quick and a timesaver, or because they’re lazy and making their own food would be an inconvenience? Over the years America has become increasingly lazy and lethargic, and in turn has become of the first words someone thinks of when they hear the term “American”. Not only does fast food serve as a prime example of America’s laziness, but the country has taken it one step further and is beginning to offer delivery at these fast food “restaurants”. Other items such as pizza and buffalo wings have also been available for delivery for quite some time. Over forty percent of working Americans have only three home cooked meals a week. Old American sitcoms portrayed families that would always eat a meal together cooked and served by the mother herself, but this is no longer the case. Some fast food eateries even offer family sized portions to be shared by the whole family, no cooking necessary. The laziness does not end there. Inventions across America have made even the simplest of tasks even easier. “The Clapper” allows for the lights in a room to be turned on and off by merely a clap of the hands, robotic lawn mowers and vacuums do the house cleaning for them, and even pet treadmills to the place of walking a dog a few times a day. It becomes nearly impossible to hear the word American and not have the word lazy pop up subsequently, the two words come as a package

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