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It is not until one is placed in another’s shoes, that they fully understand the hardships that the other must face. In The Penguin Henry Lawson’s Short Stories ‘The drover’s wife’ and ‘In a Dry Season’ and ‘African Beggar’ Raymond Tong, distinctively visual language that creates images is employed so that the responder can establish perceptions of and relationships with the personas and their worlds. The establishment of images through the use of distinctively visual language in Lawson’s ‘In a dry season’ allows the responder to connect with both the personas and their environment. The first word ‘draw’ is indicative of what Lawson has anticipated for the rest of the pure sketch. ’a wire fence and a few ragged gums…Then you’ll have the bush’. This effective use of a direct imperative followed by bland but valuable concrete sensory description as well as the listing of ‘a public house and a general store, with a square tank and a schoolhouse’ to describe the towns contents and the afterthought ‘but the shutters are up and the place empty’ pressure the responder to picture an idle and unfruitful image. The monotony of the environment is highlighted through these techniques and the responder instantly dislikes the Australian bush due to its sameness, predictability and desolation. Distinctively Visual Language creates images that allow the responder to establish relationships with the personas and their environment. Lawson wields a generous amount of sarcasm and humour into the sketch. Examples include the aside- ‘death is about the only cheerful thing in the bush’, the exclamation ‘they talk of settling people on the land! Better settle people in it’ and ‘leaning in one of the eight possible directions’ These allude to lifelessness and death, evoking images of an empty, boring and uneventful place in ones mind which is further accentuated by ‘by a way of

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