Laws Should Not Be Rigid or Fixed Essay

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“Laws should not be rigid or fixed. Instead they should be flexible enough to take an account of various circumstances, times and places”. Laws are applicable everywhere whether Institutes, workplaces, nation or traffic. If we talk about nation, laws are necessary for the proper functioning of the nation. Laws should be flexible but to a certain extent so that the people may enjoy the freedom but at the same time follow the laws also. Laws such as dictatorship, marshal laws are mostly rigid or fixed which prevents the nation from developing. These laws are not limited to the nation but are also applicable to the functioning sectors of the nation such as institutes and workplaces. If the laws in institutes would be rigid, the institute would lack innovation and would restrict the abilities of the students which would affect the development of the institute. At workplaces, laws should be flexible enough to get the desired results. On the contrary, if the laws would be rigid, the employees may not find the freedom to express their ideas as a result of which the workplace would not be using the full potential of its employees. In case of traffic, laws should be flexible in accordance with various circumstances and times so that the laws may not get outdated. However, with flexibility, laws should be rigid as well in order to reduce the number of accidents. According to recent studies, the loopholes in the laws are giving rise to maximum number of accidents. To conclude, laws are a necessity and should be flexible for the proper development of the nation, its sectors and the citizens of the nation. But in some cases, such as traffic laws, with flexibility should come rigidity as

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