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Grant girvin Three laws I would change The first law I would like to change would be the law concerning my first amendment rights in school. I believe that as long as words that may be disruptive to the learning process are used outside of the classroom they are not really a big deal. Who is being harmed by words as long as they are not directed at anyone. The school should loosen the punishment for this. There should higher restrictions on tobacco use and consumption. There are more tobacco related cancers deaths than any other forms of cancer. It is ridiculous that the government can allow people to consume a product that knowingly causes cancer and pre-mature deaths. Tobacco is also addicting and very expensive. Lastly, tobacco should be much more regulated because it kills people around the smoker as well. The last law I would change would be the drinking age. I truly believe that people are mature enough to be able to drink by the time they are allowed to vote. If the government is willing to trust 18 year olds to decide who will lead our nation then they should be trusted enough to be able to drink. Also if 18 year olds are allowed to be drafted and die for their country they should be allowed to drink a beer. I think that is ridiculous that they can’t do that. The three laws that I chose stuck out to me because they are some of the most commonly discussed

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