Laws and Legislations Within Child Care

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TDA 2.4 Understand the importance of promoting equality and diversity in work with children and young people Legislation: Disability Discrimination Act 2005 Schools must draw up a Disability Equality Scheme and access plan. Schools must promote participation in all areas of school life and stop bulling and discrimination. Special Educational Needs Act 2001 This Act makes it illegal to discriminate against pupils with SENs or a disability. Race Relations Act 2000 This Act explains the duties of schools and organisations to promote equality of races. Children’s Act 1989/2004 Describes the duties of local Authorities to provide effective and accessible services for all children according to the needs of the children, it also underpins E.C.M. Education Act 1996 Describes the responsibilities schools have for providing for the needs of children with SENs. The Act also requires schools to provide additional resources, equipment and support to meet their needs. Equality Act 2010 This Act sets out the legal responsibilities of public bodies to promote equality of opportunity for all citizens. Codes of Practice: The special Educational Needs Code of Practice 2001 This outlines government guidelines for policy, procedures and responsibility for children with SENs. It also states levels of support depending on children’s individual needs. Code of Practice on the duty to promote racial equality 2001 A statuary code that helps public authorities to meet their duty set out by the Race Relations Act 2000. Schools are required to have written Race Equality policy which must include how the school promotes racial equality. Removing barriers to achievement 2004 Provides framework for schools to remove barriers and raise achievement of children with SENs and disabilities. All children no matter what level of understanding are actively

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