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If you are reading this it means I have died; I am the wife of Lawrence Exeter. I am going to tell you the story of from the just a few days before my one and only son Lawrence Exeter Junior was brought into the world. I remember going to the Goosie Gander Baby Shoppe and buying the highchair, crib, rocking chair, changing table, and all the clothes that a baby would ever need. Then just a few short days later I went into labor and it was a long a excoriating labor I was in labor for 12 hours the pain finally ended at 7:24 pm on September 1st, 1903 at Hollywood Hospital. Lawrence Junior and I checked out of the hospital at noon the following day my husband paid for the night that we spent there. After just a few weeks with a new baby and little…show more content…
I didn’t mind paying the 1,250 dollars to send him there for six years. For Junior’s seventh birthday he wanted a bicycle, so two weeks before his birthday he gets his first bicycle. It was a red bicycle that had black and white words but you could not get away without buying the matching helmet and pads. Junior began to act out at age 12 he was a disobedient child and determined to harm him others; I didn’t know how to control him, so I made my husband write the check to send him to he Columbia Military Academy and he finished his high school education there. They really did help him he ended up graduating top of his class. As a reward for doing so well in school Junior for his eighteenth birthday got to go pick out any car he wanted, from Hollywood Cadillac Company, Junior picked out a blue 1921 type 59. After only having the car for a few days Junior had to get his oil and tires replaced on his new car, from driving it an extremely long ways joy riding. In October of that year we sent Junior off to college at Stanford University where he would study to become a doctor. I was extremely proud of him he met what he thought to be the love of his life Miss Daisy Windsor. I knew something was wrong with her; She was a crook and was after my family’s money. I had my husband pay her to break up with my son and never come around again. To cheer-up Junior his father and I sent him on a trip to France. He was there for three months and he racked up a major overdraft fee while using the bank of France that totaled to five thousand dollars. For Valentine’s Day I got a big bouquet of, my favorite flowers, lilies and a box of chocolates from the University Club Florists. In June of 1926 my baby got married to a lovely woman. As a late wedding present for Junior and his new wife we bought a huge area of land were he would then build his dream

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