Lawrence County Community Analysis

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HAT Task1 Amber Lake WGU Community Assessment County Description: Lawrence County is one of 92 counties in the state of Indiana. It is located in the rolling hills of southern Indiana. It is surrounded by Monroe, Green Martin, Orange Washington, and Jackson counties. It is known as the Limestone County, due to the abundence of limestone found in the area. Lawrence County’s limestone has been used in several famous buildings such as the Empire State Building, the Pentagon, Yankee Stadium and the Twin Tower memorial. The city of Bedford is the county seat and is known as the “limestone capitol of the world”. There are 5 major limestone quarries in Lawrence County. Population is estimated at 45,913 people, with 96.5 percent of these people…show more content…
There are 12 fire departments, 3 police stations, and 2 hospitals. The larger of the police stations is the Lawrence county sheriff’s department. As reported by Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics, Lawrence County had 13 violent crimes in 2010.("Uniform crime," 2012) Nine of these crimes were forcible rape, and four were aggravated assault. No murders were reported. There were a total of 305 property crimes reported these include, burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle left. Major crime had been reported to be decreased by 22 percent from the previous year. There was one superfund site located by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The General Motors plant in Bedford was ordered to clean the land surrounding due to leakage. This was completed this past year. The air pollution is less than the United States average. The White river flows through Lawrence County as well as several creeks and streams. Lawrence County had several reservoirs. The community has a waste management plant, which handles much of the solid waste from Lawrence County. Within the city’s waste removal is offered, outside of city limits people bring waste to the management site. Each city has its own utilities department and parks department. The parks are kept clean and safe. Maintenance of roads is completed regularly, snow and ice removal…show more content…
The main area of concerns is the EPA findings and the disaster planning. The EPA superfund find was cleaned by general motors as per order, but there are concerns for long term ramifications. This company continues to operate in Lawrence County and there is some concern regarding new violations. The second area of concern is the disaster planning. Last fall when a state of emergency was declared due to tornado damage, there was a total failure of communication between responding units. Each hospital, fire department or volunteer group had a plan of their own but did not communicate with each other. The new committee formed should be able to give clear guidelines for all. It is important for individuals to make their own plan. Education has recently been started in schools for students to speak with their parents about what type of plan they have. This will get more people involved. With the suggested improvements Lawrence County can become the safest place in Indiana to

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