Lawn Mower

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The development of technology is bringing new products which are enabling many people to be more independent. A new self-propelled lawn mower will help the segment of our population which is composed particularly of aged people and people that have no time because of their professional activities. Before launching a product, a marketing professional should first divide the market in segments and segregate one or a few of them to make his or her target. We will follow the same scenario in introducing a new propelled robotic lawn mower. In this task, we will first identify the segments that we will put our focus on and evaluate the benefits related to choosing that target. We will define our segment by dividing the U.S population in demographic…show more content…
Combining a demographic base units with a geographical one reduce our target market and allows us to put our emphasis in very specific segments. This has the advantage to allow us to put in the market a product that to have answers to consumer needs and wants. Choosing the aged people as one our focus target will enable us to reach a group with a strong economic power and help them gain independency and be more autonomous. This group is growing each year and could give to our product a brighter future. The U.S. economy is in a growth path and the many people are overwhelmed by their work, choosing this group of people allows us to benefit of their buying power and also to give the opportunity to spend their precious time with their love ones. The lawn mower market is highly dependent on the demographic, socio-economic and geographic situations. By clearly identifying our market target, our company will be to put in the market a propelled lawn mower because which differentiate itself from the others. Indeed, because they enable aged people and very busy workers to have their yards neat and beautiful. This efficient and yet affordable product will allow the company to well position our product in the market of lawn mower and maintain a competitive advantage in the
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