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LAWE 1120 Final Examination Directions: Trace each case through Ohio’s criminal court system. Indicate in chronological order each step of the process. Be sure to include in your response, which court will conduct the proceedings, timelines that need to be adhered to as well as what occurs during each step of the process. For the purposes of this exam, assume that when appropriate, probable cause will be found, the defendant will plead not guilty, and that the jury will ultimately render a verdict of guilty. Scenario #1 Miss Dee Meanor was arrested on June 30, 2011 in Brook Park, Ohio. Officers arrived on the scene of “Nak’s Fine Eatery and Drinkery” to find Miss Meanor engaged in an altercation with a fellow patron. According to the Brook Park Municipal Ordinance, assault is classified as a 1st degree misdemeanor. For scenario #1 respond to the following questions: After spending the night as a guest of the City of Brook Park, Miss Meanor will be taken to Court. 1. What Court (level) will she appear in first? 2. What is the title of the proceeding that will take place? 3. When will she be taken to Court? 4. What will happen when she gets there? After concluding the process in question #2, 5. What is the next step for Miss Meanor? 6. In which Court(level) will the trial take place? 7. How many jurors will be empaneled? 8. How many preemptory challenges will each attorney be allowed to use? 9. Assuming Miss Meanor is found guilty, when will the Judge impose sentence? 10. What is the maximum sentence to be imposed? Scenario #2 Frank Felon a native of Akron Ohio was arrested by officers from the Cleveland Police Department for allegedly committing felonious assault on Vince Victim also of Akron during a tailgate party prior to the Barry Manilow concert at the “Q” Arena on June 29, 2011. According to

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