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Risk in the Employment Relationship There is a significant element of risk associated in the employment relationship. Throughout the years, laws and regulations regarding employer/employee rights have increased and, in essence, has become a major factor in the employment relationship. As part of the curriculum for the University of Phoenix LAW/531 course, students are assigned to review several scenarios from an invented corporation known as NewCorp. As part of the review of each respective scenario, I will identify NewCorp’s liability stemming from each scenario. In addition, I will identify compliance requirements and legal principles, such as statutory or case law, that are relevant to each scenario. A conclusion will be provided. NewCorp Legal Encounter 1 The first scenario presented involves the rights of an employer and employee regarding termination of employment. This is something that organizations face on a recurring basis and can be a prickly event for all involved. According to the University of Phoenix NewCorp Legal Scenario (2010): “NewCorp hired Pat as manager of real property in Vermont. This position is responsible for activities related to maintaining leased office space… After Pat worked for three months with NewCorp, his supervisor explained that things were not working out and that Pat would be discharged with 30 days of severance pay… Pat acknowledged that he signed a document to show his understanding that the company observed employment at will with respect to discharge, but he believed the provision limited NewCorp’s freedom to discharge him at will.” In defense of NewCorp, there is no special exception in Pat’s employment contract that specifies length of employment. Therefore, he can be fired for any reason at anytime. This is the doctrine of "employment-at-will", which has long been the common law of Vermont (Kohn, 2010). In my

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