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Law531 Essay

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Adirondack Landscaping and Tree
Trimming Business Formation
Team B: James A. Neice, Jr., Nicoleclaire Nkamshire,
John Macleod, and Carmelitta Riley,
June 24, 2013
Grace Lee, Facilitator

Elements of Business Formation
This week’s assignment challenged Team B to address the idea and vision for Adirondack Landscaping and Tree Trimming Company, to identify legal and regulatory issues a business encounters at start up or with a preexisting business, the process determined for obtaining and choosing professional advice, select a legal entity for the business, and discuss why other certain entity options were not selected for this particular company.  
Idea and Vision for the Business
Adirondack Landscaping and Tree Trimming Company’s goal and vision is to beautify our county, and keep our communities clean and safe from hanging branches and dead trees.   The company generated revenues of over $500,000 last year.   Joe expects to increase the clientele of the business with the rental equipment, tree trimming, and business landscaping clients.   During the off season, many businesses of this magnitude experience a high turnover of employees, because of lack of work and many seek employment elsewhere.   Joe’s new vision will possibly allow the workers to remain and not be seasonal workers only.
Joe reorganized the payroll department to ensure workers receive pay on time, and the clients meet monthly billing obligations.   During the holiday season, Adirondack has set in place side jobs for the employees to assist in maintaining and decorating the properties for current and potential clients.   In addition, Adirondack encourages the workers to learn more about the landscaping business to better serve the clients.
Legal and Regulatory Issues
The business of landscaping and tree trimming has increased over the years and many new companies are entering this business.   Joe decided to operate as a sole proprietorship, and must consider factors of cost, stability...

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