Law - Sections 18,20,47

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Homework Law 1. The three categories are Section 20, Section 18 and Section 47. Section 20 is the section about GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm). If someone commits unlawful malicious wounding or inflicts any GBH upon anyone, either with or without any weapon or instrument, they will be found guilty of an offence. Section 47 is about occasioning bodily harm. This offence is the least serious out of the three. If anyone is convicted of any assault occasioning actual bodily harm shall be liable to be imprisoned for any amount of time not exceeding five years. Section 18, if someone unlawfully and maliciously by any means whatsoever wound or cause any grievous bodily harm to any person, or with intention to resist or prevent the lawful apprehension or detain anyone. 2. This means it’s a party’s job to convince the decision maker in the trial that the party’s version of the facts is true. In a civil trial it means the plaintiff (the prosecution) must convince the judge or jury that there evidence is true. In criminal cases, because a person’s liberty is at stake, the government has a harder job, and must convince the judge or jury beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty. 3. Standard of proof is the amount of evidence which the prosecution must present in trial in order to win standard of proof. 4. There are 5 functions of the magistrates court : • Issuing arrest and search warrants • Deciding bail applications • Conducting and sending for trial hearings • Trying summary offences • Trying either way offences 5. The crown court has four functions these are: • Trying indictable offences i.e. murder • Trying either way offences that are to be tried on indictment , such as theft • Sentencing • Hearing appeals 6. Mode of trial is where a defendant has been charged with an offence which is triable either way; the magistrates' court

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