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LAW REFORM “ Evaluate the effectiveness of Law Reform in achieving justice for individuals and society. ” Law Reform is a vital tool used for progressing the legal system toward more equitable and just outcomes for individuals and society. The process of law reform investigates existing State and Commonwealth Laws, in order to adapt and improve the law in line with societal values. The abolishment of Capital Punishment (1967), the introduction of Native Title (1998) and the historic case, Starvation of Ebony (2007) are three valuable examples of such law reform. In the aftermath of these events, each case was carefully assessed and changes were implemented as a result of the inadequacies in the pre-existing legal regime. The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC), being the government agency charged with the responsibility of initiating law reform, investigates possible areas of law in need of reform and proposes modifications to them. Frequent developments in the legal system are critical in order to further the pursuit of justice. It is through this process of constant advancement of the law that members of society are able to affect their fate and ensure that their government guarantee unbiased and just outcomes. Concepts of justice, changing social values, morality and social welfare are all conditions that are constantly shifting and it is this shift that creates the need for Law Reform. The conception of justice changes over time across society, both on and individual and communal level. Multiculturalism introduces a range of different cultures, values and mentalities and can often adjust the way of thinking within a society. Human Rights are also a driving force for change in legal systems around the world. For example, Capital Punishment in Australia was abolished in 1967 as it was considered contrary to the human right to life. Capital

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