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Law Of Cs Essay

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Essay -1 Political Correction
We live in a world today where our everyday lives are dictated by political correctness. People-on the job, at school, on the streets, and sometimes even in their own home-have to be concerned with every word they say; itcould be misconstrued by someone as being offensive or discriminatory. When typing an email at work, it is necessary to meticulously review it for its content. If this isn't done, one risks the chance of corrective action by their employers, termination or possibly a lawsuit for discrimination. In fact, I am certain that some of you reading this will find its content offensive, merely because I am presumptuous enough to question the subject. It is a requirement of today's society for one to be politically correct in their words and actions. This has become a difficult task as the standards of political correctness have become more complex. Words which were considered to be correct only a few years ago are now considered to be unacceptable. It was only eight years ago that Time magazine featured Ellen DeGeneres with the unforgettable line, "Yep, I'm Gay!" across the cover. Now the word gay relates strictly to men.
This issue of political correctness is starting to take all of the fun out of the world. In the UK a local council is working to cancel all grants for use of Christmas lights because they are concerned these grants do not support equality . For as long as some can remember at the University of Arizona, students have honored the tradition of throwing tortillas at graduation. Students participating in this activity are now looked down on because it is offensive to Mexican-Americans. I wonder if any weddings are looked down on because people had a tradition of throwing rice-a common dish to those of Oriental descent. Celebrating Halloween is not even acceptable in some schools. A five-year old child in Tulsa, Oklahoma was forced to spend the whole day at school in nothing but his underwear because he wore a...

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