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1. Possession of a weapon for a purpose dangers to public peace and carrying a concealed weapon 2. To convict Chris Crusher with the crime of possession of a weapon and danger to public peace 3. To prove beyond a reasonable doubt non guilt 4. This case is her majesty the queen v. Chris Crusher and the accused is being charged with both the offence of possession of a weapon for a purpose dangerous to the public peace and carrying a concealed weapon. He was in possession of this weapon due to a so called “gang” lead by Jackie Thug was looking for him. Crusher was informed that Jackie was looking for him and that he was carrying a weapon by Kim Chaos. Crusher fearing for his safety went home went down stairs grabbed a cue ball off the pool ball table the hardest ball due to be used to hit the other balls with found a spare gym sock and stuff the ball into the sock in case a fight broke out. When constable Robin Badcop and Constable Gerry Goodcop, received a radio call to attend Johnny Rotten High School they were within the school for approximately 45 minutes upon leaving the School Constable Goodcop saw the youth before the court, Chris Crusher talking to two other students, he was 20 feet away from the Constables, Constable Goodcop saw Crusher fiddling with something in his pocket at the time trying to conceal something from them. They thought s/he was trying to conceal something because on seeing them, Crusher looked away as if to look a way to run but seeing none moved so that his/her back was to them, when Crusher looked away they saw something dangling from his/her back pocket. Goodcop thought s/he recognized the object. This struck them as strange so I approached the youth and asked what s/he had. Crusher dithered and pulled a sock witch contained a pool cue ball out of his/her pocket. A pool table cue is a ball very hard and if swung in a sock can

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