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The area of Law which I have chosen to talk about is criminology. I will be looking into the The Murder (Abolition of Death Penalty) Act 1965 which is an act of the Parliment of the United Kingom. It was put to end in 1965 but the death penalty survived in Northern Ireland until 1973. The act was replaced the death penalty with mandatory sentence of imprisonment of life. The Act was introduced to Parliament as a private member's bill. The Act provides that charges of capital murder at the time it was passed were to be treated as charges of simple murder and all sentences of death were to be commuted to sentences of life imprisonment. The Act was overlooked with four other capital offences; high treason, piracy of violence, arson in royal dockyards and espionage, also other capital offences under military law. However the last executions in the United Kingdom were in 1964, for murder. In this time and day the death penalty is used rarely and its still forbidden in most countries and people still agree and support the execute death penalty. Murderers and criminals that cause alot of damage should be served with lifetime imprisonment or death penalty, so they can’t hurt or harm other people. In my opinion the replacement of death penalty for lifetime improsentment is less tormenting, safe as the society maintains the killer. It is also a little comfortable for the victim’s friends and family as they have suffered alot. Punishment is the best reason against planned murders as he fear of death can stop the criminal from murdering and give him/ her a reason to think about their actions, so therefore the death penalty could save alot of innocent lives. The death penalty encourages violence which is also condemning to death and its used to show people that killing is wrong as everyone has the right to life. Law courts don’t always know if murderers can or can’t become

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