Law Enforcment Operations Essay

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“Law Enforcement and Policing” S. Jones CRJ – 310 Assignment 2, Part 2 Prof. Pionke 3-16-14 Organizational Structure The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was created and funded through the Department of Justice Appropriation Act of 1908. The FBI was first known as the Bureau of Investigation. With thirty-five agents, it originally had no specific duties other than the “prosecution of crimes”, neutrality violations, and crimes on Native American reservations. Espionage and sabotage incidents during World War I, coupled with charges of political corruption reaching into the Department of Justice and the bureau itself, prompted angry demands for drastic changes. Today the FBI has fifty-six field offices, approximately four hundred resident agencies, And more than fifty foreign liaison posts called legal attaches. There are about 19,500 non-sworn employees perform professional, administrative, technical, or other functions in support of the FBI’s 13,000 sworn special agents. The national priorities of the FBI have been modified in major fashion since September 11, 2007. Today the following are its top three priority area. 1. Counterterrorism: to neutralize terrorist cells and operatives in the United States and to help dismantle terrorist networks worldwide. 2. Counterintelligence: exposing, preventing, and investigating intelligence activities on U.S. soil; foreign espionage strikes at the heart of national security, impacting political, military, and economic strengths. 3. Cybercrime: to stop serious computer intrusions and the spread of malicious codes; to identify and thwart online sexual predators who meet and exploit children and deal in child pornography; and to

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