Law Enforcement Essay

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The job of a police officer has many advantages and disadvanatges. Most officers would say they find the job rewarding, and creates a sense of accomplishment. The role the officers play also vary, such as directing traffic, patrolling streets, and even to fill in positions such as a police chief. Having police around creates a more safe environment and makes people feel better knowing there are police there for protection. Therefor, the job of a police officer is fufilling and necessary, because police officers are needed to keep order. The need for law enforcement has been growing over the years. There are more people than before, which will result in more crime rates. The people depend on police officers and detectives to protect their lives and property. Because of this, there are different types of officers. There are the local police officers, which patrol the streets, answer calls made by citizens, and come to aid that is needed. Next are the state troopers, these officers can travel anywhere in the state, unlike the local officers who can only stay within the city limits. State police are used for highway patrol mainly, and they can call into cities warning the local department if anything is coming their way. Finally, there are the Federal Officers, also known as the FBI. These officers are the highest ranked and most paid out of the law enforcement. Federal officers handle much larger situations, that the others are incapable of doing so, such as an investigation on a murderer. Being a Police officers means there is a lot of work with people, so the officer must be able to maintain metal stability and not get out of control when they deal with many different kinds of people. Because Police deal with so many different kinds of people, they have many tools they use. These tools are mostly for self defense against any kind of danger. Some tools they

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