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Law Enforcement Essay

  • Submitted by: Shawnbreed
  • on April 26, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Law Enforcement
Police and the Community

Shawn Breedlove

Police and the Community

When it comes to the police and the roles they play in the community it is easy to under estimate the importance of the police. A police officers day is never predictable nor is ever the same. One side of the police story is the policeman’s arrival as a pop culture hero. But in the real world of the streets, the attitude toward police is generally mixed especially those coming from minorities and those living in high crime areas. As the most visible arm of the government, the policeman symbolizes security in some segments of the community and a threat in others. To some he is a champion; to others he is either brutal and bigoted or too soft. Some desire strict law enforcement, while others want limited enforcement or no enforcement at all. The policeman is charged with brining all law breakers to justice, but while doing so he is compelled to observe their constitutional rights. In quiet times he is ignored; in turbulent times he is belittled. Operating from prescribed laws and statutes, he is made to enforce popular and unpopular laws. The police have formal and official duties in which are prescribed to them by legislative or administrative mandate. Here is a few of their duties protection of life and property, preservation of peace, prevention of crime, detection and arrest of violators of law, enforcement of laws and ordinances, safeguarding the rights of individuals. However, these duties are only a tip of the iceberg of the police officers occupational concerns. There is no way to quantify what a police officer has to deal; with on a day to day basis. These responsibilities may include the apprehension of felons, the serving of warrants, the issuance of tickets for traffic violations, intervention in domestic disputes, the checking of licensed establishments for orderly conduct, follow up investigation, writing accident reports, providing emergency...

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