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Law Enforcement Essay

  • Submitted by: Schwabe
  • on January 20, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Law Enforcement
April Schwabe
University of Phoenix
January 14, 2012
John Seale

    This paper will discuss the various levels of law enforcement and how they work in relation with each other. Not only will it cover the state and county aspect, but also there will be information in here regarding the United States with the various levels and how these departments interact with the state and county law enforcements. Law enforcement agencies have been around for hundreds of years, and with each year that has passed, there are mistakes that the agencies work on to prevent the same mistake from happening again. This will make the law enforcement stronger but also bring more of the agencies with law enforcement up to date on individuals wanted, new threats, and ways to go about capturing an individual and diffusing a threatening situation.
Historical Development:
    Police and their agencies have been around for years. With the police department and the agencies which help, which is a never ending battle to stop crime? All of the 50 states not only have   local and county police, most of them have what is considered to be a higher form of police officials who maintain a wider spectrum of space rather than just a city or town. In Iowa, which is called Iowa State Patrol, the ISP can do just as much if not more to one than the local officers. The State Patrol is not hired on through like the rest of the police officers; however the Iowa State Patrol is hired on through the Department of Public Safety. In Iowa, there is a wide variety of law enforcement: City Police, County Sheriff, and Iowa State Patrol. The Iowa State Patrol was founded in 1935 with only 50 officers (N.A. 2006-2011); today there are more than 350 individuals who make up the Iowa State Patrol. Each city, county, and...

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