Law Definitions Essay

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Habeas Corpus | Document that requires a person be brought to determine if he or she is being legally detained i.e there must be grounds for detention | Preliminary hearing | Held to determine if there is sufficient evidence to justify a trial | Due diligence | Defence that the accused took reasonable care not to commit | Precedent | Legal decision that serves as an example and authority in subsequent similar cases; the legal principle in which similar facts result in similar decisions | Marriage Contract | Legal agreement between parteners who are married or plan to get married concerning property and obligations to each other | Perjury | Act of knowingly giving false evidence in a judicial proceeding with intent to mislead | Mens rea | Guilty mind, the knowledge, intent or recklessness of one’s actions (combined with actus reus makes one criminally liable) | Actus Reus | Wrongfull deed; the criminal act or omission to act (combined with mens rea makes one criminally liable) | Parole | | Hung Jury | Jury that cannot come to a unanimous decision in a criminal case | General Intent | Intent that is limited to the at tself and inferred from the act | Specific Intent | Intent that goes beyond the act itself i.e plan to commit further crime | Negligence | Failure to exercise reasonable care that results in injury to another; damagaing actions that are careless,unintentional, and unplanned | Challenge for Cause | Formal objection to a prospective juror for reasons such as the jurors knowledge of the case or lack of impartiality | Vicarious Liability | Principle of holding a blameless party (the substitute) responsible for another’s actions | Automatism | Involuntary action by someone who is unconscious of what he/she is doing i.e sleepwalking | Sequestered | To keep jurors together and
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