Law: Debate on Marijuana Essay

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BY: NARJUN.S ISU ESSAY THE DEBATE OF MARIJUANA Narjun.S ISU ESSAY 15/09/13 Law is a set of rules that individuals must abide by for the greater good of humanity. Law is the saviour for society as without it chaos will take over society and starts to tear apart the community we live in. This essay will begin to explore the laws relating to drugs .The definition of drugs is used in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of a disease or as a component of a medication. However there are both the drugs that can be used for remission or used to harm. The government does a great job in preventing hard addictive drugs from people and make these illegal. This is called prohibition. There are some drugs that are legal and are acceptable and would only have a limited amount of impact on an individual therefore; these drugs will remain legalized. Finally there are drugs where if someone has small quantities of certain drugs then the individual will be fined. However if the accused have large amount of illegal substance then they should be charged for criminal offence and therefore these drugs are decriminalized. There has been a great debate within society on whether drugs should be legalized or not and more specifically marijuana has been debated over numerous years by various political parties. The basic law for marijuana is called the Control Drugs and Substance Act (section 1) where the law regulates the use of drugs. Under the Control Drugs and Substance Act (section 1) only people who are prescribed by a doctor to use the drug is allowed to have. Individuals who are not prescribed by a doctor but still possess it will be charged and then be fined. The Control Drugs and Substance Act (section 1) authorized and

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