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STATEMENT OF FACTS On November 7th 1999, two youths shoplifted goods worth of $4.40 and $11.16 from an 11-Seven store owned by Northland Corp. The two individuals Brat Simpson ; 15 years old and Arty Dodger ; 16 years old were convicted for a youth crime under the Youth Offender’s Act and sentenced to return the goods and serve twenty community service hours each. Northland Corp. has experienced severe losses due to shoplifting over the past nine months with combined costs of security, a loss prevention group, and lost goods totaling to $1, 002, 919, 00. These costs are incurred from 32 stores across Calgary owned by Northland Corp. They’ve paid their Loss Prevention Group $57,129.12 to minimize shoplifting as well as overseeing the apprehension of shoplifters. Northland Corp. is attempting to recover the losses that Brat and Arty have cost them for their shoplifting. They are also trying to send a strong message to young offenders that shoplifting must be taken seriously and that it also is not to be ignored by their parents. Northland Corp. has brought the Simpson and Dodger families to court over an amount of $750.00 for “cost of security, prorated between offenders caught shoplifting within the store” and “the amount owing remains a just debt improperly withheld by the defendants.” However, counsel for Northland Corp had decided to seek payments of only $250.00 from each family within a period of 21 days. The plaintiff also warned the defendant that if they do not receive this balance in the given time period, civil action will be taken. The defendants Brat Simpson and Arty Dodger both come from troubled backgrounds which is proven, but both infants have no prior criminal record and have not been involved with the law before this incident. However, each individual has been caught for stealing from other students as verified by their homeroom teacher

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