Law and the Effects of Law Essay

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Law has always fascinated me in ways indescribable. While I am currently a Sophomore Biology major at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, Political Science and a career in law/politics was my second career choice. Even though I am on a career path that does not directly deal with the law, I still choose to exercise my passion in politics. In the summer of my year as Student Body President of Neville High School, I was presented with an opportunity to be a part of the Civic Youth Engagement Institute. To clarify exactly what this program was/is, it was a two day program where students from all over Ouachita Parish met to understand how to lead, present ideas to our bosses, and excel in every task assigned to us. Each morning started at 8 a.m., involved a number of leadership activities, and ended with group conclusions of the day. On the second day of the program, the students and I were asked to target what issues we believed were pressing in our community, primarily the youth. The topics ranged from harmony with the police department to teachers being rewarded by their performance, not the students' results in the class for a number of factors. However, the group that reigned supreme (my group) was the one that presented discussions on teenage cyber-bullying, the disheartening lack of consequences of the heinous act, and the direct link to victim suicide rates. Every single person in my group was a victim of some form of bullying, but the most common was cyber-bullying. I believe that our passion for wanting laws that prosecuted bullies for their crimes and harassment correlated with our past experiences with these unnamed individuals. That drive motivated us to create slides that showed a number of victims who killed themselves as a result of their attackers never being held accountable for their acts. As a result of our findings, we then researched the number
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