Law 531 Week 6 Essay

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LAW 531 WEEK 6 Prepare a Powerpoint presentation of no more than 15 minutes. In week 5, I will assign teams a set or multiple sets (depending on the number of teams) the Question #(s) to answer. Your presentation should explain to the class the answers to the following questions: Question 1: Explain the term of office for board of directors. Give an account of the director’s and corporate officer’s duty of care towards the corporation. Explain Self-dealing. And finally, What is the CEO and CFO provision laid out by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002? Question 2: Distinguish between general government regulation and specific government regulation. Explain in brief the types of federal administrative agencies with examples. Distinguish between substantive rules and interpretive rules. What is a statement of policy? When are searches by administrative agencies considered reasonable? And finally, How is the general public protected from harassment by administrative agencies? Question 3: What is the United Nation’s Biosafety Protocol for genetically altered food? Give an account of the regulation of medicinal devices in the United States? What are the powers of the Consumer Product Safety Commission? Name some consumer products excluded from the purview of CPSC. Question 4: Describe the purpose and requirements of an EIS? Give an account of state environmental protection laws. Explain the nature and enforcement of the NAAQS? Describe any two legislations that have been implemented to minimize the damage caused by oil spills. How are endangered species protected in the United States? Name three laws that protect wildlife species. Question 5: Give an account of the Noerr doctrine. How is a relevant market identified by Section 2 of the Sherman Act? What is a premerger notification? Explain the
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