Law 531 Week 3 Reflection Paper

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Team C Week Three Reflection Sharon Douglas, Crystal Faison, Deone Francois, and Wanzie Fugler LAW/531 July 2, 2012 Haley Major Green Team C Week Three Reflection In civil cases, a settlement is the alternative to pursuing litigation. Litigation is the process for solving civil or commercial disputes through the courts. A settlement typically occurs when the defendant agrees to the claims of the plaintiff and decides not to fight the matter in court, which is also known as settling outside of court. Settlements are more popular because defendants do not want to pay the cost of litigation; therefore a settlement ends litigation. It occurs during the early stages of the trial. Simple settlements take place before a lawsuit is filed. In complex litigation, such as class action suits a settlement requires court approval. A civil lawsuit occurs when a claimant decides to file suit against someone that caused him or her injury. When deciding whether to take a settlement offer or pursue litigation a victim…show more content…
If the victim does not feel the settlement is fair, he or she can opt to start the litigation process. Legal counsel can make motions on the victim’s behalf and keep the victim up- to- date on the status of the case. Some victims tend to think they can represent themselves, but hiring an experienced lawyer can make a big difference in the outcome of the case. An attorney or legal counsel may also provide the victim with laws corresponding to the case at hand. It is important to seek legal counsel because it relieves the stress of litigation as soon as the victim suffers a loss or injury because it relieves stress of litigation. The victim will most likely be unfamiliar with the terms and how the process of litigation works. The victim will need an experienced professional to present his or her case in the most creative way to ensure the best chance to win the
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