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LAW 531 Final Exam 1. What defense can an employer use to a charge of sexual harassment? • The harassed employee was not made aware of the company's antiharassment policies. • The harassed employee took advantage of the preventive measures provided by the company but still could not avoid being harassed. • The employer does not have any complaint mechanisms for employees who are harassed. • The employer used reasonable care to prevent and correct the sexually harassing behavior. Final Exam Answers just a click away LAW 531 Final Exam 2. Choose the correct statement about the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). • It is exclusively created to regulate air pollution standards. • It has the power to initiate judicial trials in case of violation of environmental laws. • It does not enforce environmental laws related to the protection of wetlands. • It can enforce federal environmental regulations but cannot make regulations on its own. 3. What is "riba" in the context of Islamic law? • It is a compilation of decisions of the prophet. • It refers to the making of unearned profits. • It is the doctrine of proper behavior. • It refers to independent reasoning. 4. The state of Oriel, Selenasia, enacts a law that imposes a 40 percent tax on automobiles that are made outside of Selenasia and sold in the state. However, Oriel does not impose this tax on Selenasian-made automobiles that are sold in Oriel. This scenario resembles a violation of which clause of the U.S. Constitution? • The Multilateral Treaty Clause • The Bilateral Treaty Clause • The Foreign Commerce Clause • The Treaty Clause 5. Teledor Inc. and Comunika Inc. are two competing cellphone
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