Law 531 Case Study

4195 Words17 Pages 1. What defense can an employer use to a charge of sexual harassment? • The harassed employee was not made aware of the company's antiharassment policies. • The harassed employee took advantage of the preventive measures provided by the company but still could not avoid being harassed. • The employer does not have any complaint mechanisms for employees who are harassed. • The employer used reasonable care to prevent and correct the sexually harassing behavior. Find the final exam answers here LAW 531 Final Exam 2. Choose the correct statement about the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). • It is exclusively created to regulate air pollution standards. • It has the power to initiate…show more content…
Identify the true statement in the context of a franchise arrangement. • The franchisee can sell the franchisor's products but can never manufacture them. • The franchisor licenses the franchisee to use the former's trademarks. • The franchisee can manufacture the franchisor's products but can never distribute them directly to consumers. • The franchisor is essentially the owner of the franchisee. 11. Identify an accurate statement about distributional interest in the context of limited liability companies (LLCs). • A transferee of a distributional interest receives all distributions from the LLC to which the transferor belonged. • A member's distributional interest can be transferred completely, or partly. • A transferee of a distributional interest automatically becomes a member of the LLC. • A member who transfers his or her distributional interest will no longer be liable for the debts and obligations of the LLC. 12. What is true about consideration in the context of contracts? • It also encompasses performances and services. • It is exclusively in the form of tangible payments such as money or

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