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Riordan: Corporate Compliance Plan Amin Shomaf LAW 531 April 1, 2013 Jonathan McGovern Abstract Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastic manufacturer with several local locations including California, Georgia, and Michigan. The Company also produces plastic parts in China (University of Phoenix, 2013). This Compliance Plan will address the potential risks and provide Riordan management with guidelines how to act in case of violations. Corporate Compliance Plan Riordan Manufacturing mission is to be the industry leader and provide solutions to its customers. It focuses on innovation and team oriented working environment to establish the long- term business relationships to continue innovating and expanding. Riordan main objective is to achieve reasonable profitability that will assure financial and human capital are available for sustained growth (University of Phoenix, 2013). Riordan Manufacturing is faced with uncertainty and potential risks both from internal and external elements. Internally, Riordan’s financial ERP systems are not efficient and the finance department is struggling to generate accurate financial statements on timely bases. Externally, Riordan Manufacturing has several locations in the United States and a manufacturing facility in China that require compliance with local and international law regulations. This corporate compliance program is designed to provide Riordan a reasonable assurance that the organization comply with applicable local and international laws. Riordan is facing legal and ethical responsibilities that can impact on the shareholders, employees, customer, and suppliers. The compliance plan will also address how Riordan as a company will acknowledge and resolve any violations of these legal issues that may occur. This plan will also extenuate the legal risks of you the directors and officers of Riordan and the plan

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