Law/421 Week 2 Individual Assignment

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LAW 421 WEEK 2 Individual Assignment University Of Phoenix WEEK 2 INDIVDUAL ASSIGNMENT NAME: DATE: LAW 421 INSTRUCTOR: Once I finished participating in the simulation I began to see many problems when it came to the practices and the resolving of international transaction disputes. I took some resourcefulness to navigate through difficulties of working with two separate sets of protective laws. One of the major problems I encountered was that you are forming one agreement for two different companies, each with their own set of government policies regarding business. Each of the two parties involved should do their part to protect against legal disputes, for instance drafting a choice-of-law clause. This action is a good start, so that both parties define and protect specific laws. If a legal dispute does happen both parties may wish to be aware of practical considerations before taking any legal actions. Considerations such as; the partnership, the original contract, the laws of the government that one is doing business with, future investments, and relations with the country in which the business is located. One factor that may not work in CadMex’s favor when granting the sublicensing agreement is that there is always a chance that Gentura may violate the agreement and divulge CasMex’s proprietary information to competing companies. When conducting business with foreign countries one should always be aware of the laws and customs in place of the country one wishes to conduct business with or make arrangements to do business (Delaney, 2004). The example regarding the shaven beards in the simulation uncovers a conflict between religion and rules. The case regarding the beard, may not always be acceptable in certain situations, and accommodations and adjustments may need to be made. Such adjustments could defiantly
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