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Role and Functions of Law LAW/421 March 17, 2014 Role and Functions of Law Law is part of our daily lives whether is personal or business, therefore it is important to understand the role and the function of it. Law is everywhere at work, when we are driving, school and every other things we do during the day. Without knowing it, everything we do involves law and every decision we make in some way or another law is involved. In the paper I will be discussing what law stands for and what type of laws and role-play in my present jog. In many cases laws have been passed by Congress, first is approved by the president and hopefully people abide by the laws on a day-to-day basis. Congress puts laws together to make sure that society and…show more content…
Since Congress specifically chose to regulate the advertising of tobacco, this law is supreme to any state law that attempts to regulate the same category of advertising (Melvin, 2011) Law plays a very important role when it comes to business and society. It is necessary that laws should be practice and remember, therefore it is crucial that everyone remembers three very important laws they are public and private, criminal and civil and substantive and procedural laws. When speaking about society law control society and helps protect human is right and believes. In many cases, laws will help solve situation and misunderstanding. When there is law people must probably obey by it and will help citizen be more in control. Law help place the right justices were and when it is needed in a community. Starting or running a business is not easy at all. There are so many laws that need to be in consideration before starting any type of company. It is very important that for a company to succeed every area of the business must be covered. Therefore when speaking about laws business laws are extremely important. Without laws, companies could not be secured. Whether is a multi-dollar company or a papa and mama’s place law is very important, law will help from companies getting sued and at the same time it helps companies become more productive and more profitable, laws will help a company get contract agreements in place whether is with other companies or customers. It is very important to have agreements and contract because it helps a company be honest and helps be
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