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Reflection Team D LAW/421 Terika White Donna Merricks Samantha Atkins Kristofer Metz Juraporn Hughes Aug 18th, 2014 Safiya Byars Week 4 Reflection. Donna Merricks Within my lifetime I have entered into multiple contracts from purchasing a home, automobiles, cell phone service, furniture purchases and many more has made me familiar with contracts. The sales contract is designed to protect the vendor and consumer, listing the terms and conditions the two agree upon to honor their sides of the contract. Contracts play a big part in life, and sooner or later a person will encounter entering into one. The contract of sale is one I often deal with, because I am a Porcelain and Barbie Doll collector, so I must meet with the person selling the product and enter into a contract of sale to itemize the condition of the dolls in writing with…show more content…
When applying for loan for my schooling, I have had to sign promissory notes that are saying how much I promise to pay and when. These are basically IOU notes. When I bought my cellphone from a cellular company, I signed a contract for the terms of service and the amount of years I would be under that contract. In my professional life, when I got my job at Kmart I had to sign a contract of employment. This contract set the terms of my employment such as compensation and causes for termination. During week three, there was a lot of great information. The formation of contracts and agency law were easily understandable. To me, the hardest part of last week's material pertained the beginning of agency law and understanding what agents were. After understanding that information, the rest of the chapter was smooth. The weekly topics related to common contracts because that was the main focus. We learned about the different types of contracts, contract formation, enforceability, contract performance, and events of

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